Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Government Decisions - Kauri

Today I read an article on the Government decision that plastic bags are a distraction and a waste of time.

I disagree with this because it would be good because the plastic bags are killing a lot of animals and blocking pipes which then lead to an outburst.
The impact this will have on us. But we also have to bring our own bag when we go grocery shopping because they are not going to supply plastic bags.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Inquiry Russian Migrants - Kauri

Today I and my buddy Nathaniel had to present our inquiry about migrant. The country we did was Russia.

Pull reasons were
And the push reasons were there were heaps if ‘push reasons’ why most Russians migrated from Russia to New Zealand. One of the many push reasons is the fact that they most Russians migrated from Russia when the Soviet Union broke up in 2013 when there were approximately 5,500 Russians living in New Zealand. Another push reason is that they were forced or pushed out of their country due to the damage from the second World War.

And the pull reasons There are many pull reasons for why the Russians had migrated to NZ.

Here are some examples of a few ‘pull reasons’. The reasons why a lot of Russian people migrated from R Russia to New Zealand is because they discover mines and also to live a good life. They also wanted to get away from Russia because there was a lot of war in their country which then forced them to migrant to another country which then decided to come to New Zealand.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tokelau in 20 years time - some ideas

Tokelau in the Future

Predict what the future of Tokelau will be like in 20 years time?

There might not be an island because of the earth getting hotter. It is melting the ice which is making the sea water levels rise. And the highest point in Tokelau is only five meters high.
They might have super fast internet in their modern houses that might be getting built. Tokelau country might be a independent country. Also hovercraft that glide across the water so there is a fast transport.  There is a heliport, so people can take a helicopter instead of getting in a plane. It would also not pollute the air because the hovercraft can be electric.Image result for tokelau in 20 years time

Friday, 25 May 2018

Tradition and Modernisation in Tokelau Tradition - Kauri

Tradition and Modernisation in Tokelau
Tokelau: three low coral atolls
What is an atoll?
An atoll is formed from a coral reef growing on top of an undersea volcano. Sand and coral build up on the surface of the reef.  The three atolls of Tokelau all have extinct volcanoes under them.
Food and water on Tokelau
Low coral atolls like Tokelau have no fresh water on the surface. Tokelauan people dug wells to the fresh water under the sand. This water is topped up by rain.
For food, Tokelauans ate coconuts, taro and breadfruit. Seafood such as fish and clams is vital. Tokelau people have a special system of sharing out food among the community. This is called inati.
Tools on Tokelau
There is no rock on Tokelau, only coral. People used shell and bone for tools.
– adapted from an article on Te Papa website
1.    Traditionally, how did Tokelauan people get water? They dug wells to the fresh water under the sand. Plus they collected the rain
2.    What types of food did Tokelauan people traditionally eat? They eat coconuts, taro, breadfruit and other things such as seafood...
3.    What is the Tokelauan way of sharing out food called? It is called inati
4.    Traditionally, what did Tokelauan people use to make tools? They used shell and bone for tools
Fact: Tokelau uses solar power (energy from the sun) to make electricity.

1.    Who paid for Tokelau’s solar power project? New Zealand
2.    Do all of Tokelau’s three atolls have solar grids? Yes
3.    How did Tokelau make electricity before?  Diesel for electricity
Fact: Tokelau’s solar power system is backed up on cloudy days by coconut oil fired diesel
Facts about Modernisation:
‘Tokelau's main industry is fishing but it also generates income from the use of its internet domain name as one of the countries offering free registration.’
‘Each atoll operates an FM community radio station, carrying shipping news, weather reports and music.’
– both quotes sourced from Tokelau territory profile,
‘In Tokelau, there are several free internet cafes and some households have their own wireless internet connection.’
– sourced from Internet in Tokelau,
1.    What are Tokelau’s main sources of income (getting money)?
They get money from other countries particular New Zealand.

2.    In what modern ways can Tokelauan people get news? From radio stations and internet cafes.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Tokelau imagination - Kauri

                                  Tokelau Imagination

While I was on the boat travelling back to my home country to see my family, I was thinking to myself what I can do to improve my country. I had a few ideas, e.g. building better structural houses, because we get a lot of deadly storms that destroy our houses. Then we have to keep re-building, which is very tiring. I am very worried that climate change is going to affect my country. Sea water levels are rising pretty fast; they are getting higher and higher. Then they are going to get to the point until the water will cover our islands. I am worried about my family living in Tokelau. I want them to come back with me to New Zealand and live with me so I know they are safe and they are near me.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Social Studies Concepts - Kauri

Today I learnt about two new Social Studies concepts, Migration and Sustainability.

The first concept Migration means moving from country to country, by this I mean there is a few different migrations one is called external migration which is moving out of the country and the other is internal migration which is moving area's/houses in the same country.

The second social studies concept is Sustainability, which means keep or maintain for future generations. An example of this concept is global warming. Our generation is using too many fossil fuels. "eg" oil and coal. For sustainability we can save oil and coal for our future generation so they can have some experience with it and also help them out.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Anzac day

What does Anzac Day mean to you?

To me Anzac means people from Australia and New Zealand show respect to the people who have fought in the war just so we could live in freedom today. This is a very important day because a lot of men didn't have a choice but to go to war. When they were about 16/18 they had no choice they had to go to war because it was the only option they gave to them. To show respect, people wear their parents or granddad medals so they can keep the tradition going. They also  wear poppies because it was where most soldiers had fallen dead on field with poppies.

Why is it important to commemorate Anzac Day?

 It is important to commemorate the day when Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars. We remember contribution and suffering of all those who have served.

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