Thursday, 16 November 2017

Technology Reflection - Kauri

Today we went to technology. It was very fun we didnt do cooking this time because Mrs Tuipulotu had a funeral to go to. But we had another teacher teaching us. Her name is Mrs Heka she was very cool she was talking to us about cooking and work. We had a worksheet to complete which was fun, what we had to complete was about cooking then we got to do a word find which was also challenging. But what I enjoyed about this was getting to know Mrs Heka and also her telling us about what her students do in the cafe which we are working in right now. We did a lot of work about cooking knowing all the equipment and how people use the equipment. The most challenging thing was probably the word find. Because it gets you confused sometimes but at the end we finished it. 

I liked doing this task because it was really fun and I enjoyed it. I cant wait until next week because we are doing cooking. Thanks :D

Friday, 10 November 2017

Te Tuhi Reflection - T4W4

T4W4 Workshop Two - Turangawaewae
Today we went to te tuhi. It was a really cool experience it help me learn heaps and to do art without talking about but using art but telling stories. It was really fun in this presentation I am talking about what I did and how I did it. I also am talking about the equipment I used to do this art. It was really challenging because I am not that good at art but I am getting used to it each time I do te tuhi. 
Next Week we will be going back to Te tuhi for our final Te tuhi I hope it is gonna be cool like last time but I delt that it will be bad. Big thanks to Solome for helping us do the art and also teaching my other pairs on how you can tell stories by doing art. Salome is a really good teacher at teaching art. But I cant wait until next week to do more art and to bring more special art home to show my family what I have done.
Here is a picture of my art- 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Art and Turangawaewae - Kauri

WAL: How artists from Aotearoa make art that connects to their turangawaewae!
This task was a Te Tuhi Prep. 
It was very cool and fun because it taught me a lot about the different artist who can express them selves and also other people including their family, friends and also their ancestors.

This task wasn't that challenging because the answer we had to write for each person were already in the description. But 1 thing I liked was knowing what these people do for a living, how they can make there art stand out to a lot of people. 
1 thing I need to work on his gathering more information to put into my work so it can help me move up levels and also using better vocabulary while writing. But besides that this was very cool because now I know what these people do and how this can help other people in the future.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Turangawaewae (A place to stand) - Kauri

Te Tuhi Pre-Visit Lesson 1
Exploring Turangawaewae
Art and turangawaewae
Symbols representing our turangawaewae

We were learning about turangawaewae and what this means. It  means where you come from.
It can helps us learn multiple things like learning about ourselves and other people. Where your grandparents and parents have come from and where they were raised. I love this task because it was very cool and helpful, now I know about turangawaewae and what It means and how I can learn about the different things. If we do, do another task similar to this it will help me gain more knowledge so I can show other people what It means so they can also pass the knowledge down to the younger generation.
Also in this task it makes us fill in the gaps with the correct word so it keeps our mind running and helps us work even harder. And it has some questions about yourself and what place keeps you happy and where your were born.
- Thanks :D

Friday, 27 October 2017

Technology Reflection - Kauri - T4W2

Yesterday we had technology. It was very cool when we arrived we got into our groups. I am in cooking so Ms Tuipulotu told us what we are going to cook. We were cooking rock cake. It was pretty hard because some groups did not follow the recipe and ended up with gooey mixer instead of hard and kinda gooey. So Ms Tuipulotu fixed it and put more flour so it wasnt to gooy but more thick them watery. When we finished making the mixture we put the mixture on a tin then put the oven on 180 and cooked it slowly. 

When it finished we took it out and put it on the cooling racket. Then Akanesi came around with the phone and took photos of the rock cake and how it turned out. Me and my pairs which is Michael rock cake turned out a bit burnt but was very fantastic. After that we put chocolate sauce and whipped cream then enjoyed our meal. Unfrountanley I didnt get sent the photos but will forsure being getting sent the photos next week when we make something nice. :D - Thanks 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Indigenous Game - Kauri

This was a game that Ms Kyla taught us about. It was a hand game. You had to stand opposite to your partner and play each other. There is the actions and instruction in this google drawing. This game was very challenging and hard because me and my pair didn't understand it. But then we were slowly getting used to it. I had a better understanding of the game and it was slowly staring to be better. What I like about this game is that it works on your reflek because once your opponent does a move you have to try and do another move. And what I need to work on is trying to be a little bit faster when I am playing because my pair gets me our straight away. But it was a fun experience and I cant wait until we get taught another game just as fun as this one. 

About John Pule - Kauri

Today we had a task to complete. It is about John Pule who is a famous artist and it very good at drawing. He is a very good artist he also raises money for foundation to help them out. In my drawing I am talking about him and giving information on what he does and about himself. There are a few images that are his drawing which look very fantastic and amazing. He uses a lot of detail and colours to make his drawing stand out and look even more better. He was also born in 1962 april and he must of got into doing art from his parents or it must be in their blood. 

I hope to do more of this task because it is really fun and exciting to learn about how these people go into this hobby and why they love doing it a lot.